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Welcome to Pongon.com where our mission is to provide you with the best Table Tennis Paddle & Ball Holder on the market. 

The Pongon ( pronounced:  Pong-on) wall mount unit is a must have accessory for any game room.  No more searching for paddles and balls only to find that your dog has chewed them! 

With the Pongon, you have the necessary apparatus to display up to 5-paddles & house up to twelve 40mm balls in two cylindrical dispensers.

Display your Table Tennis weapons in the functional & stylish Pongon!   <<Patent Pending>>

I've searched the internet for Ping Pong Paddle and Ball Holders or Table Tennis Paddle and Ball Holders for about 15 years now.  I have never seen a storage rack that holds ping pong paddles and ping pong balls as well as this wall mount metal storage rack.  I hope you find this accessory useful in your home game room, garage, basement or whereever you have fun competing with your friends.

This product is quality made with a strong durable material painted in black with an easy to maintain finish.  This product should last you for many years.  If you have any issues, see our "Contact Us" page for methods of contacting us for assistance.  I hope your Pongon adds to your gaming experience of playing ping pong. 

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When I designed the Pongon, I wanted something that was both functional for storing ping pong balls as well as ping pong paddles.  However, the product also had to be good looking.  I have seen other products on the market that are made of wood that can hold this equipment, but none that look as good as the Pongon.  They are bulky and unattractive.  The Pongon is the only product I've seen on the market that allows for individual selection of paddles.  The other storage racks or devices I've seen require you to sort through or move paddles to get to your favorite. 

The Pongon was also designed for shipping.   In order to reduce costs for shipping, a key factor is size and weight.  My first version of the Pongon weighed 7lbs.  I was able to find the right combination of strength at the right weight of about 3.55 lbs.   Shipping products also cost by dimensional size.  Just like the more it weighs, the bigger it is also factors into shipping cost.  To make the unit fit to the smallest dimesions, I 've packaged the clips that hold the ping pong paddles as an item to be assembled by the purchaser.   As long as you have few basic tools and you don't lose any parts, this should take you less than 10 minutes to assemble.  

The directions were made to appeal to the masses, so I try to use pictures to explain the steps.   Please follow the instuctions that I hope you find easy to understand.  I am pleased I was able to offer you keyhole mounting that greatly aids in the hanging of any product.   
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