Christmas Spirit

Posted by on 27th Oct 2014

Get in the Christmas spirit!Remember getting that special gift when you were a kid?Was it a Care Bear, a special pair of skates, a new bike?Well here is your chance to give a memorable gift for young and old.Trust me, this gift will be treasured and remembered and the envy of those who do not have.

This year, splurge $39.95 for a new PongOn.This is a Wall-Mount Ping Pong Paddle & Ball Holder that excels in it clas, not only functionally but also in appearances.

Make a difference in someone’s Holiday season this year, buy them a PongOn.

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Reuniting the Family

With families moving at the speed of light today with sports, 24x7 internet access, movies, music etc., literally at the tips of our fingers, parents are finding it harder to get the family together for fun activities.  I've got one solution, remember that great American past time... (not baseball), Ping Pong!   I have fond memories from [...]

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