Newest in Home Organization

Posted by on August 08, 2014

Do you have your act together?  Do know people who have their act together?  You know, those people who are rarely in a bad mood and always seem happy?   Well if you want to be one of those people or if you already are, than I have the product for you.  That is if you know someone you'd like to help or if you play Ping Pong.   That's right Ping Pong or Table Tennis.    

In designing my (what I could afford) ultimate game room a few years back.  I came up with a solution for paddles and balls all over the room and never in one place.   Every time one even thought about playing this fun game, you had to suffer through the aggravation of finding the equipment first.  Do you want to reduce stress in your life and of those you love?   Be that person who others see as in control; calm cool and collected, start getting organized today. 

Get your PongOn!