Reuniting the Family

Posted by on February 15, 2014

With families moving at the speed of light today with sports, 24x7 internet access, movies, music etc., literally at the tips of our fingers, parents are finding it harder to get the family together for fun activities.  I've got one solution, remember that great American past time... (not baseball), Ping Pong!   

I have fond memories from my youth playing my dad after we ate dinner a few nights a week.   Eventually, everyone in the family was playing and I would invite friends over to play.  It is a fun activity that adds a whole other dimension of social interaction and your kids will put down their smart phones while playing!   

Don't have room for a large Ping Pong table?  Get a mini-pong table.  The first time I played on one, I thought it would be a joke, but after we started volleying, it was great.

Whether you will need to buy your first table or dust off that old table, I have the perfect accessory I invented to help rejuvenate interest in the game and moms love this too.  An organization rack or more specifically, a ping pong paddle and ball holder called the PongOn.  

Get your family smiling again, get your PongOn!!